1/16/02 UPDATE:  Well, it is a new year and it is about the same as the last so far.  Lets hope it gets better.

I have been at my new job roughly a month now.  I have only driven two Audis.  The base A4 1.8 is nothing great.  Power is at the high end, with nothing off the line.  I drove a 3.0 the other day, and it was a bit better.  Tranny shifts funny.  I dont like 4WD so far.  But they are peppy once you get going.  Makes me realize how much torque the Vics have.  A totally different experience.  But Audi has nicer fit and finish.  We wont even go into the Porsches.....

On the Ford Front, they are laying off tons of people, shutting down plants, and loosing 4 models: Mercury Villiager, Cougar, Escort, and Continental, which is interesting.  I bet they were debating about continuing the Vic.  Anyhoo, now is the time to buy a Ford I guess. 

Stalled out in 1/2" of snow the other day.  I was pulling up and out into traffic from where I park at work (downhill).  I had the traction control on as usual.  I stalled out 1/4 way into the street due to lack of traction.  Soooo, I had to shift into park, start the car, open glove box, switch off TC, try and shut glovebox, couldnt, shifted into drive, pulled into traffic, things fell out of glovebox, stopped at red light, shifted into park, took off seatbelt, picked up stuff on floor, put back into glovebox, shut glovebox, put on seatbelt, shifted into drive, went home.  Phew.... Now we know why they moved the switch to the dash!!!!  :-(

Curious about the trunk organizer Ford has for the Vic.  Also the front wind deflector.  I have that dealer discount again.... yumm.....
2/17/02 UPDATE:   Found out that Ford does not use blue Goodyear silicone hoses on cruisers anymore. I tried to order some, and a helpful Ford parts guy said they dont use/have them anymore.  :-(  Oh well...

Cracked my front plate cover last week.  I thankfully took off the Ford Motorsport one and replaced it with a plain one.  I'd have cried otherwise.  I was late for a doctor appointment, and was happy to find a parking space with 2 minutes left to run up to the office.  Stupid me misjudged and went right into a cement wall.  I paused, saw the damage, then ran.  I was exactly on time for the appointment...then had to wait 45 minutes to see the doctor!!  So the damage was in vain...
My chrome FORD plate bracket on the back is getting nasty. I wanted to take it off for the winter, but never got around to it.  It hasnt snowed much here, but it is still salty.  There's just something about putting on the AUDI/PORSCHE one that seems illegal...

And speaking of plates, I finally did it.  I sent in an application for VANITY PLATES!!  :-)  What they say is a secret.  You'll all know in about 2 months.  I hope I get them before the DARE show April 28th.  My luck, they will be ready the week AFTER! 
Drove up to the MA/NH line today to check out a hobby store.  Drove by the Dunstable PD (see the model page for replicas of their cruisers) to see if my buddy George was on duty.  He wasnt, but some young cop was pulling someone over.  The second cruiser was at the station, so that meant I was still tagable by their third car (small department, folks).  I turned around and went the limit out of town!  Cant efford another ticket... 

Noticing 3 cracks in my driver side door panel.  The plastic is cracking in odd places.  I know these things crack, but mine is doing it in unusual ways.  My luck... nothing ever happens to me NORMALLY!! 
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2/24/02 UPDATE: I visited the police station in Lexington MA yesterday to ask a few safety questions to a person in blue.  While walking back to my car, there was an officer washing a cruiser. I started talking to him, got his attention by guessing what year the car was, told him about my site and the NECVO, and told him I was KICKING myself that I didn't have a camera with me. He said to go home and get one, that he'd be there a while, but ask for permission inside. I did, got the OK, bombed home and back, and started snapping photos.
The sun was against me, though, and some shots were messed up. Lexington has dark blue cars, and they are sharp. The officer said that out-of-towners never notice their cruisers, and get mad when pulled over because they are on the lookout for white ones! (I know better...) It is true that usually you see a Lexington cruiser after it is too late...

The officer looked at my car and said "wow... you forget how nice these cars are when they are normal ones..." Loved the wheels. He also said he hates the new Impalas, that many people think they are too light, and that they prefer a larger car in event of an accident. He also seemed happy that I was going to have one of their cars on my site...

MARCH 9, 2002 UPDATE: Today was over 60 degrees here in eastern MA.  We are currently in a drought, and will be in big trouble if we dont get some serious wetness here by summer.  I may not be able to wash Vic!!!  GASP!!

There's a new modification in the works for the Vicster.  I have retained the services of a local master mechanic (well, a guy who knows a lot about cars) to rig up my side marker lights so that they will blink with the turn signals.  Some of you may remember my ranting and raving about how Ford makes a huge side light unit, but doesnt make it blink.  Well, I may have the only blinking unit in MA by the end of the month!  At least for a little while... My mystery mechanic is going to do some creative wiring to make up the connections I need with some parts we got at a junkyard, and try them on his car for a week or so.  If they pass the test, I'll be very happy.  I really am lost as to just what it is he is doing, as I dont know much about electronics, other than Ben Franklin played with wiring harnesses on his Vic too.  But nevertheless,  I am trusting my baby in the hands of an AMX Man.  Yup, you read correctly, an AMX Man. 
But fear not!  Mr Mystery Mechanic knows a heap about police interceptors.  There are 2 in his family as of this second, with a possible third by the end of the month.   Mr MM is from the "the more cars, the merrier" school of thought.  And he has the parts heap to prove it!  ;-)  I mean, he has a supply of tailight bulbs, and USES them! (see photo at right)

Anyhoo, watch this space for blinker updates!!
Vic with AMX Javelin
C'mon Ford!!!!!
Bulbs?  Got plenty...
3/13/02 UPDATE - Mr Mystery Mechanic has been field testing my blinker setup in his Vic for a few days now.  Way in the corner under the hood is his prototype wiring harness, blinking away happily.  We hope to install both in my Vic this weekend providing the setup passes it's trial-by-fire.  Keep watching this space.....
3/17/02 UPDATE: "Say the secret word and win $50..."  Well Groucho, I think the word is "BLINK".  Yes, that's right folks, "BLINK".  Mr Mystery Mechanic has installed my custom-super-duper-special-hi-low-tech wiring harnesses, and I now have side turn signals.  I am blinking and happy.  Simple pleasures...........  The way things are wired, if I ever get another Vic, I can take the wiring with me.  The stock unit has been banished to my trunk for now. 

Here's the catch; when the headlights or parking lights are on, the side marker light shines as usual.  When I put the blinker on, the side bulb flashes along with the main blinker.  When the head or parking lights are off, the side blinker flashes alternately with the main blinker.  But I dont really care.  All I care about is having people see that I am going to take a turn or change lanes on the highway.  I've said it a million times, WHY CANT FORD PUT A SIDE BLINKER ON A VIC???

If you'd like to see this amazing feat of engineering in action, check out the MPEG.  Thanks to Mystery Mechanic for his work and being a good sport  :-)
Installation in progress
Vic side blinkers
Vic side blinkers
3/24/02 UPDATE:  I have finally found out what a car auction is like!  Yesterday, Mystery Mechanic took me to an undisclosed auction at an undisclosed location.  The purpose of all this undisclosure is that MM doesnt need any more competition next time he goes.  As it was, he almost didnt get to buy anything but windblown dirt.  After we arrived at the undisclosed location, I was allowed to take off my blindfold.  For those of you who have never been to an auction, here's what it is like:
First, we parked the car.  Then we walked in a cold wind to the building where the auction was going to be held.  MM registered and was given a bidder number.  Then it was back outside to look over the cars.  There were roughly 200 cars there, most of which were in running order.  In the back by the fences, were the wrecked and non-running cars, usefull only for parts or to adventurous souls.  Conditions of the running cars varied from rather nice to nasty.  There were quite a few Interceptors, mostly '96-'99's, with one black '93 P74 with red velour that snuck in unannounced.
Colors variety was rather limited.  The once-uncommon tans were very common indeed.  All the different shades of blue were there, some silvers, only one white, one red, and one Medium Brown car.  I had never seen a brown one before, not even in photos.  I still cant decide what I think of it... MM was on the fence also.  But he noted it's lot number down since it looked like a good car.  It was interesting to see all the different types of people milling around, looking at the different models of cars.  There were enough Ford Tempos there to choke a politician.  Various trucks and vans, Neons, and a few oddballs were all outside, waiting to be bought. 
It was obvious that some of the people there didn't know much about Vics.  MM and I knew what was missing, what was wrong, what to look for, how to move around the cars, etc.  It was a study in Vic correctness.  Most of the engine bays brought tears to my eyes.  They were practically caked with dirt.  I mean, they were NASTY... But to make up for it, many of them had Goodyear Ultra Grip snowtires, the ones I wanted to buy 2 years ago.  Missing hubcaps were the norm, and torn kickpanels and cut wires were commonplace.  Taped over antenna holes, dog hair in the K9 cars, removed back seats, crunchy rear bumpers and cracked windshields... all part of the auction flavor...
Failed my esthetic inspection
While looking over the cars in the frigid wind, MM made a serious breach of mechanic etiquette.  His frozen and shaky hands dropped a tranny dipstick behind an engine. He thought it landed someplace in China, but after dislocating a few joints to get under the car, was able to locate it here in the US.  It was then we realized it was time to go inside.  I was too chicken to utilize the Roach-Coach, but MM drank a few juices from the truck, and as far as I know is still alive at this time. 
Before the bidding began, we stood inside observing the crowd.  You could tell who owned NY taxi companies, and who were looking for a very cheap car that would hopefully make it home. MM looked over his lot list and planned his strategy.  The auctioneer tested his pipes, did some scales, and the auction began.  Tempos started selling for an average of $1500.  Then the first '98-99 Vics sold for insane money (one was about $6000, one $8000). MM was not too happy, as they were the initial ones he was interested in.  He hoped the rest would sell for more normal prices.  Older Vics sold for up to $3000. 
We went in and out of the cold, making sure we heard potential purchases startup before being driven through the building.   Most sounded good, to my suprise.  It's almost sad how we know what a healthy Vic sounds like... There was a family listening intensely to a kid's opinion of a car's condition, which was rather comical, and an older male acting like a know-it-all about Vics.  He seemed to be an authority on replacement windshields.  Even after being seriously cut down by MM, he was out there dispensing his lack-of-knowledge... groups hanging onto his very words... But I digress: One older Vic just wouldnt start.  It was even holding up the auction inside!  I hate to think of the sap who bought that car without going outside to hear it... A van next to it was almost as bad.  Back inside, Tempo after Tempo sold and sold.  A fleet of purple Neons sold and sold.  Some vehicles were subject to fierce bidding wars.  But MM was awfully quiet, starting to worry that he wasnt going to be driving a new car home.  Prices were just too crazy on the cars he wanted.  But then, one of his picks came to the block, the bids began, and he entered the fray.  Back and forth the bidding went, and I was sure not to make any bid-like moves, since I only had $100 on me at the time (just in case there was a rim for sale... there wasn't).  Back and forth they went, and MM emurged victorious.  He was now the proud owner of a silver '99 P71 with gray interior and 99,000 miles.  Immediately after winning, these people walk over to you and take your info and some of your money.  I think it was the buyer premium (10%), not sure.  Then it was time to go to the "booth", where the ladies with the titles and keys take the rest of your money.  One guy bid on and won 2 cars while in line waiting to pay for others!  After MM paid for his new car, we parked both together and pumped up his flat rear tire with a compressor.  I then panicked slightly as I realized I had to drive his old car all the way back home.  I was assured I wouldnt get lost, and we started for home. 
MM's '95 PI drove differently than I expected.  Steering was very light, almost to Chevy Caprice standards.  Brakes were weird, too.  But I followed the leader until we made a pitstop, where I took the photo at right.  Then hit the road again, scareing people on the highway.  The effect was ruined, though, by the big smily face drawn on the silver car's windshield.  But we plugged long, me trying to get used to the transmission, and MM trying to get used to tight steering. 
So there we have it, folks.  My first auction experience.  I can only imagine what the big dealer auctions are like, with stupid money being spent left and right on actual resaleable cars.  I'll leave that to the pros...
Once we got back to the ranch, MM added one of his stock of used PI wheel covers to his new car, and we took turns driving it on local roads.  The transmission acts a bit odd when shifting into OD, but otherwise I liked the way it drove. Very much like mine, but a bit stiffer.  Next up is redoing the wiring, antennas, and trim parts.  For the money, I almost wish I had gone this route.  But then again, my car has so much fewer miles...
4/6/02 UPDATE: Today is Vic's second anniversary.  Yup, it's been in my driveway for 2 years now.  I guess it feels about that long. I've gone roughly 14,500 miles with it so far with no accidents, knock on wood.  Just a scraped rim and one ticket. All in all, the car has been very reliable, if you dont count 2 bad coil packs.  The engine replacement doesnt count, either, as it was not the car's fault.   (Thank You Texaco)

The car is still nice and shiny, with only a few new scratches added since 4/6/00.  The replacement headlights are still clear, though there appears to be a tiny area starting to cloud up within the plastic.  I better start saving up for replacements :-)  Three tires look ok, wheels have a few small scratches but still have a great shine, driver's seat is intact but in need of a slight cleaning, and the floor mats are still grey and not brown like I expected by now. The only real wear is on the windshield, front grill (still ok, though), and driver side interior door panel.  Many Vic owners have had this panel crack, but mine is doing it in an odd way.  I think it may have to do with the replacement speaker behind it.  Will have to keep an eye on it...

So, two years down, with a theoretical three more to go.  But if the Marauder ends up being as good as the hype, and is within by budget (HA! Sure...), who knows how long Vic will be in my driveway.....
4/20/UPDATE: FINALLY, Vic has a new windshield.  I couldn't take it any longer, so I called Precision Glass here in MA for a little change of view.  Now, I CAN SEE!!  It was boiling hot when Fred the window guy did the installation at my dealership.  He said that the heat would help the adhesive to cure faster.  He also said that the windshield is better than the old one, as it has more UV protection.  It's neat how the window molding is already attached to the window!!  It was ultra easy for him to install. 
The snow tires came off yesterday at work.  There were many comments about the car while it was on the lift up in the service department.  It was a bit too large for the bay!!  The back end stuck out about 2 feet from where it should have, and the front bumper was about 6 inches from the tech's toolbox!  Stupid me didnt have a camera handy, which stinks because it looked funny!  I had to pump a few more PSI into the tires this morning, and I was a bit jumpy, as we had had an earthquake earlier.  Word is it started in NY state, but we felt it very much here in eastern MA.  It was odd... never felt anything like that before...
4/27/02 UPDATE:  Vic has given birth to a bouncing baby alternator.
The other night, I was driving home from work in some light rain, and the battery light started to flash on the dash.  Well, I thought maybe something electrical got wet, no big deal.  But it did it again, and even though it stopped after a while, when I was stuck at a busy intersection, the windshield wipers stopped working, so I shut off the wipers, headlights, and heater.  The car didn't stall, but I heard a whining noise.  Knowing that bad alternators can make noise, I started to panic a bit, since I wasnt sure if the noise was from my car or the Jeep behind me.  I darted out into traffic and got home without any long stops.  A phone call and short ride later, Vic was admitted into the hospital.  My mechanic checked the charging system, and it looked ok, but when I put the car into drive, the needle went south. 
My transportation the next day was a certain Pumice '95 P71, graciously loaned to me by my Mystery Mechanic.  I was dying to play with the spotlight, but didnt get the chance.  After bringing Vic back home, I was rather happy to see how clean and snazzy it looks.  I like anything that makes the car look better under the hood...  Monday I will pick up my bill for the work.  I got the impression from my mechanic that it's a dooooozieeeee!  :-(
5/26/02 UPDATE:  As I fast approach 40,000 miles, I begin to loose that nice "low mileage" feeling.  It's rather sad.  As time passes and commutes get commuted, Vic gets older.  So far, I have put 15,565 miles on the car.  To most people, that isnt a lot.  But for me it is.  And the fact Vic's resale value keeps going down and down doesnt help.  But I still love the car, and I am proud to display my new vanity plate.
After my snow tires were taken off, I was reminded of that annoying pull to the right I have been putting up with for a while.   Upon inspection, Mystery Mechanic pointed out that I have 2 different speed ratings on my tires.  This makes some sence, as when I bought the car, the dealer paid for 2 new Goodyears.  I used the spare, which was still new, and bought one new tire.  For some idiotic reason, the tire place matched the rating of the spare, then gave me two of another rating! 
Soooo, MM took a peek and told me I should put each rating on the same axle.  He did a little pitstop and got the tires on the proper axles, but now I have a noise coming from one because it is usually on the back, not the front, and that odd spare tire is a bit worn, and has a nail in it.  Looks like I may have to get at least 2 new tires when my set of rims shows up.  I finally found a set of polished rims on Ebay, and hope to be able to have a good set for good weather, and a set dedicated to 4 snow tires.  Like I need to spend the money....
Mystery Mechanic's 30 second pitstop
6/9/02 UPDATE: Last week I was lucky enough to have a chance to drive a new '03 Police Interceptor at a local dealership.  The fleet manager first washed it, since it was "his baby" and didnt want it to be driven in public all covered in pollen and grime, then took me for a little ride.  I noticed the interior changes, such as a new cupholder, new door panels with new window switches, "bouncy" glovebox door, new seats, etc.  Then I got to drive a while.  I didnt really get a chance to form an opinion on the new rack and pinion steering, as I'd have to drive it a bit longer on roads I know.  But it did seem more direct.  I personally like the way my car rides better, but again, I didnt get a chance to really drive the PI.  Word is the new steel wheels are to aid in brake cooling, and the new style hubcaps are locking.  No more flying saucers?? GASP!!
For photos of the new door, etc, go to the REFERENCE PAGE!
6/29/02 UPDATE: Well, Vic has passed 40,000 miles.  I tend to wonder how many '98s have that many miles.  I'm sure there are some...owned by little old ladies...

The car is still pulling to the right.  I also now have a rubbing noise as I drive.  I have pretty much ruled out a hung up brake caliper since Mystery Mechanic pointed out that the noise is coming from the front driver's side tire.  It makes a rubbery noise.  I'm not sure I am thrilled about that.  I need to replace at least 2 tires, but cant really efford them since in the fall I want to get a set of 4 snow tires, which I can't efford.  So if this site never gets updated again, it is because a tire blew out on rt95 on the way to work at 75mph :-(

On a lighter note, I got to see a Marauder in the flesh today.  I went to a dealership that I knew had one on the showroom.  When I arrived, it was gone.  It had been sold to an employee.  A salesman went and got the car for me, and I got to look at it on my own. 

First impressions were: WOW! It'svery black! WOW!  Big wheels! WOW! Big tailpipes!  Then I popped the hood, and WOW! Big engine!  The DOHC valve covers are a real change.  Things have been relocated under the hood (see pics on the Marauder page) most likely due to the larger engine.  There's a funny little tube that comes off the air intake that makes no sence to me.  But one annoying thing I saw was that the engine badge is on the driver's side, under the air intake!!  You can barely read it!! 

The leather seats and silver interior trim were nice, but otherwise the interior is still typical Crown Vic/Marquis.  Miles ahead of the SS, but still rather plain.   Outside, I LOVE the new turn signal unit!!  FINALLY!!!  And it sure looks exactly the same size as a Vic unit..... ehem..... In fact the whole front fender for the Marquis, Marauder, and Vic appears to be the same now.  The BF Goodrich tires were an issue with me.  I have had bad luck with that make, but these tires look rather beefy.  The wheels are aluminum, but the chrome is different then what I've seen in the past.  I am not sure if it is real chrome or polished metal.  Tailpipes are huge...

But to be honest, I was not as impressed with the car as I had hoped.  The overall appearance is indeed nice, but some features are rather normal.  You can get a floor shifter in a Vic or GM.  The front clip is the same as a GM.  And the exhaust note was a real let-down.  I only heard it when the salesman gunned the engine 3 times, but it sounded way too muffled.  Maybe it's better at speed.  I hope so... And maybe my opinions witll change once I drive one.  I am sure they will, but for now, I say it is a nice car.  Very nice.  But not perfect.  I mean, you are not suppoed to get into your old car and say "I like this one better", which I did... but I added that "I just want that 302HP engine....."

7/27/02 UPDATE: After much thinking and worrying, I bit the bullet and bought a new set of Goodyear Eagle LS tires. I finally got fed up with having to pump 10psi of air into one every week, and getting a tired arm from trying to get the car to go straight.  Now, the air is staying in the tires, and I can drive with no hands again!  They have been on the car about a week now, and are starting to loose the "new car squirm" that makes you think you have water in them instead of air. 

Some of you are well aware of my scraped rim.  I am glad to inform you that it is now OFF the car!  Yup, Vic's scar has been removed and replaced with a nice looking used replacement.  But another problem has arose.  Mystery Mechanic has bought me a brand new replacement rim, made in China instead of Italy, like the originals.  But it is OEM quality and so shiny, I wish I had a whole set!!  It's wonderfull to look at.  I just dont know what to do with it now!  If I use if for dedicated snow tires, it will look nicer than the other 3!  What a dilemma...
8/13/02 UPDATE: Took a rare vacation last week.  MM took me up to Maine.  Stupid me forgot to take pictures of Vic 1 towing his boat, then putting it in the water.  I did manage to remember to take a pic of Vic 2 by the train museum we went to.  If you look closely, you can see an old narrow gauge steam engine in the background.  Being the type who has a hard time having fun, it took me a while to get used to being on an actual vacation.    We went to the Owl's Head Transportation Museum, which was neat, saw some lighthouses, and went out on MM's speed boat. 
I didnt get seasick, but on the last day, while seeing how fast we could go (about 45mph), a wake came our way, MM cut the power, and the boat crashed down at least 3 times, each one sending pain down my neck to my back.  Bottles of juice went flying, glasses flew out of MM's pocket, hats fell off, etc.  I can still feel the after effects... I also got a quick swimming lesson.  We picked the coldest day of the week, though, and the lesson didnt last very long.  I never did take the life preserver off... But it's over now, back to the grind.  MM still has 2.5 weeks of vacation left, lucky stiff.  I guess I'll just have to get even by stealing his '74 Javelin AMX and going for "a little ride"
9/1/02 UPDATE: Hard to believe summer is just about over.  I have one more week of Mystery Mechanic's Maine vacation to get through.  But we did get to go for a little ride yesterday.  In fact, we ended up at Mt Watchusett in here in MA.  The same location as Beemer's infamous meets.  We had a met of our own... one car, two people.  It was rather hazy out, so the view wasn't the best.  It is quite a location, though...
As you can see on the main page, I have a new URL!  Yup, www.crownvicsetc.com.  I figured it was a good name due to the fact that while the site started out as a Vic-only one, there are now a lot more things to see! 

In the process of launching the new URL, I lost all 185 entries in my guest book  :-(  PLEASE sign it again if you have in the past, or if you are a first time visitor.

You may note also that I have a sponsor!   Bonnell Ford of Winchester MA is sponsoring the site, allowing me to update my hosting services.   Please feel free to visit their site!  www.bonnellford.com
9/14/02 UPDATE: Today's report starts with Bonnell's kind donation of a '03 Police grille!  My parking situation at work has me worried to the point that I'm trying to figure out what to do with my front grille.  The one-year chrome and black style isn't easy to replace, it seems, and if I or somone else damages it this winter, I'll be unhappy :-(  Sooo, I am toying with the idea of doing a switch!  I have a flat black slat-style one, a horrid aftermarket chrome/black one, and the honeycomb one.  I sort of like the look of the honeycomb grille painted half body color, but I have yet to decide what to do. 

ALSO, my FAVORITE TOPIC has started to bother me again: snow tires.  I am pretty much convinced these cars need 4 snows.  They do not handle well in the snow, though my '88 Marquis wasn't bad, and the '86 Parisienne was rather good!  I have my eye on the Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice snows.  Blizzaks seem nice, but I don't like Bridgestone. Anything else I can't afford, or I have used and not liked.  We shall see...

Lastly, I have a November MA meet in the works.  Keep an eye on the main page for info...
10/17/02 UPDATE: Well, I am now the proud momma of 4 bouncing baby Goodyear Ultra Grip snow tires.  I am also the momma of the bill, but I saved over $120 buying them through work, so that softens the blow a bit.  They will be mounted on my less-than-perfect spare rims, hopefully before the snow starts here in New England!!  That means The Scraped One will be BACK on Vic!!  :-0
At the trolley museum
I treated Vic to a nice ride up to Kennebunk ME a couple of weeks back.  Had to get gas before coming home.  I still don't get how Ma's '87 Caprice could go up there and back and hardly use any gas!  I drive up there and half a tank is gone before I head home!  But it was a nice day.  Went to the Seashore Trolley Museum and saw some neat old trolleys and buses.  Mystery Mechanic was like a kid in a candy store.  I think he wanted to take home the Boston Elevated train station they had there.  I told him it wouldn't fit in the trunk...

My newest task for Mystery Mechanic is to install an underhood light for me, as I don't have one, but need one for those winter PM wiper fluid fills, etc.  But I'm not holding my breath, as he just spent 5 days in the hospital due to kidney trouble caused by diabetes.  Needless to say, things have been tough, and may get tougher.  But I got him out of the house and into his P71 today for a short time.  I think it cheered him up a bit.  Aahhh... the power of Vics....
9/27/02 UPDATE:  Vic and I transported some pumpkins and a file cabinet.  Pumped a few more psi into the tires, too, since it's been cold lately.  Yesterday I took a ride in some torrential rain, like a dope.  I had very little trouble this time.  The new pavement on rt 95 is GREAT!!  The rain seems to dissapear... I was driving way too fast... had to make myself slow down.  The only trouble I was having was with my windshield wipers!  I have had bad luck with wipers now staying on the glass at speed.  I have tried 3 kinds, and none work right.  I'm back to winter blades, which have always worked best for me, but even they aren't working properly.  It may be the replacement windshield, I'm not sure... MM is back to work and feeling a bit better  :-)
10/4/02 UPDATE: Well, the Second Annual Fall MA Vic Meet was a success.  Read about it on the meet page... Tomorrow, my mechanic will be mounting 4 snow tires and doing an oil change on Vic.  I will once again be driving the Pumicemobile (aka: Todd's brown car).  I like driving an actual police interceptor to work... it's so fun......... :-)  Parking it at work is fun too!
11/16/02 UPDATE: Vic is now riding on four new Goodyear Ultragrip Ice winter tires.  The first weeks driving on them have been tough.  The Eagle LSs were hard to handle when new, but these are NUTS!  They are much softer than all season tires, so I can't take on/off ramps as fast, and the rear right tire makes rubbery noises and keeps loosing traction.  It has been rather wet here in MA since I put them on, about 350 miles ago, so they have been a real handfull.  I thought my day trip up to Maine would help break them in, but only now do I think that they are calming down, as last night on the way home from work, I managed to drive a bit more normally.  I guess it really is true that tires have a break-in period when new.  I just hope they work well in snow and ice, as my parking situation at work will be suicidal this winter, to put it mildly... I don't even want to think about it right now...
My driver side door has been cracking a bit more around the speaker grill.  Need to keep an eye on that.  The stereo stopped making sound a couple of weeks ago, and I paniked.  But I just pulled the unit out, unhooked the wire harness, blew on it, plugged it back in, and all was well. 

The latest news from the homestead, and one reason for my recent absence from the local Crown Vic world, is that I have a new car in my life.  Todd has given me a '1974 AMC Javelin.  I know, I know... "what's THAT??".  Well, it's not totally my style, but it's what I've always wanted: My own old car to fix up and drive.  It will also be a money pit, but I digress... American Motors, now defunct, tried to shake their stodgy image by introducing a 2 seater muscle car in 1968.  The car was called the AMX.  You could also get a Javelin, which looked almost the same, but could seat four.    By 1974, all Javelins were 4 seaters, with the AMX being a package, not a separate car.  AMXs were and are more desirable due to options and cosmetics, as well as for the available 401 V8 you could order.  This engine was also available in the Javelin, but it's not common to run across a 401 Javelin.  Mine is an original 401 car. 
1974 AMC Javelin in Maxi Blue
The whole story, as new as it is, can be found at www.maxiblue.homestead.com.  The project will progress slowly, but I plan to document it for anyone who's interested. 
12/14/02 UPDATE: So far, winter driving with Vic has been good.  I have not yet been stuck, and so far I have had no problems with the downhill parking lot at work.  BUT, winter still has a long way to go.  The Ultra Grips are fully broken in now, and so far I have no more complaints about them.  I do have a complaint about the traction control, though.

It's been snowy in MA lately, and I have been switching it off.  For one thing, the car will stall if it looses traction too long.  Also, it's WAY more fun to drive without it!  I had forgotten how much I like RWD!!  I have always driven RWD cars, so for me, flicking that switch means REAL driving.  I can handle the car just fine, so I don't need any assist.  I may be jinxing myself, but dagnabbit, it's more fun with a little tire spin!!
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