Hosted by Dave T.
March 11th was the Vic meet in Sturbridge MA.  There was a good turnout and I think we all had fun.  There were eleven cars there.  It was quite a site with all the Vics in a row, taking up acres of parking space by Uno's.  Only three cars were the current body style, and the most popular colors were black, blue, and green.  Only one white, one silver, one tan, and a beige to add a little variety.  Everyone seemed to have a better time chatting about cars than eating, and it was back outside for some more checking and comparing or cars.  My Vic fared rather well from the commute, and was still pretty clean, but it wasn't as clean as I had hoped. No one else seemed to agree! 

Some of the attendants may have noticed my once-in-a-lifetime-public-goof-off when I shut off the traction control and spun the rears all the way out onto the exit road.  Yeeehaaaa!  Daisy Duke in action!!  Sure was fun and sounded great.  Felt great too!  A good way to get out my inner fustrations.  But then you all noticed the Sturbridge cop pulling me over.  About 5-10 minutes later, I have a $75 citation in my hand.  Great.  Just great.  He said "I'm suprised you did that with me behind you".  I didn't see him at all because of the snow banks.  I swear he was waiting the whole time for us...  Oh well.  I feel kinda' dumb now, the one time I do a thing like that, and I get in trouble....  Then, I'm at the tolls getting on the Mass Pike, and 3 of the guys come up behind me!!!!  I thought I had been abandonded, but it turns out they were waiting for me at another lot.  That's friendship!   We rode most of the way home together, and I can tell you, being in front, that the site of 3 cruiser-like Vics behind you with lights on and bombing down the road was COOL!  Wish I could have taken a photo of it! 

Here are some photos from the meet.   They are a bit dark due to the overcast day.   I didn't take as many as I was planning, but I think everyone else did.  My question is:  When's the next meet?  And who'll pay the fine for me then??????