OCTOBER 28th 2001
Hosted by Jonelle
The official count for this meet was 26 (21 Vics + 1 '56 Ford + 2 GMs + 2 Town Cars).  We also had a Camaro, Celica, Mustang, and Maxima.  The show was a success with no injuries, other than swift me backing over my own folding chair.  The photo above was attempt #2 by Photo Coodinator "Stuntman Jim", who was on the ground at all times that day.  We had a few new attendees, and despite my efforts to remember everyone's names (dash sheets, etc), I regret to say I dont know the names of some of the folks.  We had a '91 and '98 Grand Marquis, an ex-taxi, a security cruiser, an almost-clone of my own car, a couple from Kennebunkport ME in a red '01, and a felluh' who went home to get his '56 Fairlane!!!  He was a bit of a suprise!  Then again, he thought there would be all old cars there!  Everyone was nice and really into the meet.
What, no airbag???
Tom was the first to decorate the pavement while demonstrating his Jerry Chip...with passengers!  That's his strip on the right. 
Later, I laid one when no one was looking (my mother was there), and soon everyone was getting it out of their system.
Tom and Joe did a dual-smoker without moving, the after effects you can see to the left.  My own mother had to talk to the school security guard, who suggested we stop the noise.  MOST of us did.  I guess the students were wondering what was going on. 
Joe bails out before suffocating
Milling around as usual
"Alright....PULL OVER!!!!"
Eventually, thoughts turned to food.  We convoyed to the local 99 Restaraunt, but figured it wouldn't work with such a large group.  So we risked life and limb to cut across the street to Old McDonalds. After partakeing of cholesterol and salt, we began our cruise.  Traffic was not kind, and we started to loose people at the lights.  Eventually we all got into the Burlington Mall parking lot.  Somehow, Adam's boxbody arrived first, going the opposite way!  Sooooo.... he just backed up, AGAINST traffic, and rejoined us!  We drove around, dodging the local idiots, and I led the group behind the security truck for a while.  Then it was up to rt95, where we lost a few more cars, and I almost ran into 2 people going about 45mph!!  Then, onto rt2!  Being on my home turf, I forgot I shouldn't go 85mph...with a while Celica on my back.  So I slowed down, we all regrouped, and it was off rt2 to Belmont High for one last photo-op with what was left of the group by Clay Pit Pond.
At Clay Pit Pond
We hung out at the school for at least an hour, waiting for Joe to finish his drive to the back of the school, and for the train to go by to make him happy.  We had a motorcycle cop drive by us, after which someone yelled "HEY PONCH!"  Then we realized some of the cars had been idling for a long time, and the "Exhaust Pipe Water" trials started.  I tried to get video of it all, but it was too dark to record properly.  I did get a sweet shot of Alex's effort.  Quite a few gallons of water landed on the road between all our cars!  I started to test the twilight setting in the camera, and found that you need to hold it still or you get odd shots.  I also noticed if you put a group of Vic Nuts in front of a digital camera set in twilight, you get odd behavior, as witnessed below.  Seems like a new dance step was being tested at the time....
Eventually, after we had said it's time to leave about 20 times and without doing anything about it, we finally said our initial farewells and started towards rt2.  Everyone needed gas, so we invaded the Belmont TEXACO station.  Stupid me didnt make the connection until Jim woke me up.  There were a few people who pulled up to get gas, and then promptly drove off one they saw us.  One woman stayed, with a look of disgust on her face.  It was great, since they had some of the world's slowest pumps there.  She learned her lesson.  Dave chatted with the guy who worked inside for a bit, who looked like he was in shock, and it was then I saw the infamous GREEN NOZZLE.  Yes..... DIESEL!!!  Below, Alex ponders the idea of giving the stuff a try.
We all hit rt2, everyone got onto rt95, said BYE over the radios, and I headed back home via rt2A. 

So there we are.  Everyone seemed to have a good time.  The www.crownvic.net plate frames were a hit (THANKS JASON!), as were the NE Vic Owners decals I made.  Thanks to Cooper for the loan of the folding table, and thanks to everyone who came to talk Vics!! 
16.5 year old Nick's almost clone of my car
Nells' Used Car Lot
"Where's my muffler??"
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