JULY 6, 2002
Hosted by Errol
Our second Nashua NH meet went well.  A few new cars, a few new faces, a few old faces, a few old activities!
Jebstang arrived in his new ex-MA cruiser.  He passed me on the highway and I was trying to figure out if he was him or not the whole way to the meet!  Chris "Greek Vic" brought his nice '00 LX with snazzy custom rims and painted details.  Looks like silver is catching on... hopefully not TOO much... Dan "NH Interceptor" brought our first Marauder.  Lorenzo brought a green P71, "JerseyVics" came with his white P71, "Ronman" was here from Florida with his Marquis, 2-Car-Joe brought "The Old Girl", "The Sport Brothers" were in attendance, as was Coop's son in the '96, which got some tint added, as did Joe's Mustang.
Chris's '00 LX
Jebstang's new ride
JerseyVic comes to town
Tallen brought along a new purchase, a CHEVY IMPALA INTERCEPTOR!  That's right, a CHEVY!  It was what is called "an Ebay find".  Word is it may become a Domino's pizza delivery car.  I bet THAT would look cute!!  Fastest delivery in town!  :-) Thankfully he still has his Vic, so we dont have to kill him...
Dan's Marauder
Tom used the day to install new Edelbrock shocks in the rear of his red machine.  With help from Ronman and a plethora of tools, they managed to get the job done by the end of the week. 
"Hey Tom, pass the thingamawhatzit..."
Errol provided name tags, car signs, and basic refreshments, and Tallen supplied the pizzas.  Stuntman Jim was fashionably late and was in rare form once again as he scaled the wall of the building to get to the roof for some photos.  His Marauder shirt came through intact.  Later, Errol joined Jim on the roof.  We got a lot of attention as customers tried to park in the lot to go to the video store that they were ontop of.  Even though one side of the lot was packed full of Vics, a few incredibly stupid people pulled into our area to park!!  Brilliance is a rarity, it seems......
One highlight of the day was the Ramp Launch.  Errol's plastic ramps just didnt want to stay put.  They ended up everywhere but under tires.  First, his car landed ontop of them, then after he did manage to get the rear tires on top, one promptly relocated itself under Ronman's front bumper. 
Stuntman Jim scouts for film locations
Errol snapping away while Jim doe the Roof Dance
"You want your tint HOW dark???"
MPEG of the cars from the roof!