Second Annual Fall MA Vic Meet
Bonnell Ford, Winchester MA
November 3, 2002
Hosted by Jonelle & Bonnell Ford
The Second Annual Fall MA Vic Meet was a success!  I wanted a good turnout, but didn't expect one due to the weather, but despite the cold, we got 35 cars to show up today.  That count includes one Mustang and two antique Fords.  Not included are the '03 P70 Vic (long wheelbase) and '03 LX-Sport in Wedgewood Blue provided for us by my sponsor, Bonnell Ford.  Both cars got quite a bit of attention.   Most of us sat it the backseat of the P70 to see just how much more room the stretch had.  It's comforting to know criminals and taxi riders can get to their destinations in more comfort than ever!  
'03 P70 "Stretch Vic"
Lots of legroom
Allan, Bonnell's fleet manager, passed out free Ford Police Vehicles posters, brochures, and PIZZA!  He was also on-hand to answer the many questions about how to buy a new Interceptor, the rear-end crash situation, etc.  He looked like he was having as good a time as the rest of us!
Vic talk with Mr Fleet himself, Our Man At Bonnell, Allan
This meet, we were blessed with two tables.  Stealth Table, provided by Cooper, and Antique Table, provided by J Barry.  We all know just how important donor tables are.  They support things like new NECVO decals, nifty name magnets, sign-in sheets, and PIZZA!
Tallen brought along a working lightbar, hooked it up, and caused some silliness in the process!  The situation just cried out for the photo below....
Another high point was when Pete and Beemer almost nailed Dave T in Joe's new '92/93 P71.  The main road in front of the dealership is known for being a bit tough to pull off of, and sure enough, Pete was behind Dave, and didn't see him stopped, waiting to pull into the lot.  From what I heard, Beemer saved the day, and the imfamous Grand Marquis for once make a smokescreen STOPPING.  The official measurement of the skid, made by our resident crime scene inspector: 93 feet.  Thankfully, no one got hurt, but if they had indeed made contact, we would have had our own rear-end collision test!!
Door surgery...always a project or two at a meet!
The usual Taylor Family hijinks were present.  I didn't see all of them, but one had something to do with a rubber glove, some form of tubing, and tailpipes.  I finally got to see Beemer's Non-Sport, met a few new people, etc.  We convinced a real policeman with a box-body to park with us, and the next thing we knew, we had 2 more next to him!  We also had two vintage Fords show up.
"Spread 'em!!"
The amount of '98+ Vics keeps going up!  George A's new '98 P71 replaced a '90.  But George can't escape the everpresence of his old '92/93 P71!  I knew he once had a '92 Vic with a '93 front end.  So, when Joe showed me his new Vic, a '92 with a '93 front end, I knew exactly what car it was!  George sold it to Tom, and Tom sold it to Joe.  When I told George about it, he couldn't believe it.  Talk about keeping it in the family!
George's new unit
We tried to go light on the burnouts, so as not to annoy the locals, but a meet isn't a meet without a few smoke shows, and we had some.  Some on the main road, some on the lot.  One thing I noticed, it seems I can no longer leave a meet without having to do one myself.  I get in my car, start it up, start to leave, and everyone looks my way.  Then they break out cameras and smile.  So, spin I did. Pete showed me his video of my first attempt, and it looked soooo nice.  Rob couldn't help but sniff my rear tires. Ah... like fine wine...Then as I tried to leave, I heard "do another!".  Being the co-host, I HAD to oblige.  I wish I had a photo of it... I could still smell the smoke halfway home! Word is more folks joined the fun afterwards...
Many thanks to those who froze their begeebers off to attend this meet.  Thanks also to Bonnell Ford and Allan Eyden for co-hosting it. Next year, I'll try to plan it a bit earlier in the fall so our hands and/or other appendeges won't fall off.