JANUARY 26, 2002
Today's unofficial count: 15 cars

Well kiddies, this meet was originally to be held a bit further away, but at the last minute,was moved to a lot in Bellingham next to a movie theater.  Funny, the lot was empty when we got there, but it was full when we left!  No one wanted to walk the 200 feet to Chilis to eat, so we relocated across the lot to the above location and walked 500 feet instead.  We chowed down and chatted as well.  One meal of choice was the infamous "Baby Back Ribs".  Stuntman Jim did his usual: ate and talked.  He does both well...
Jim doing what he does best...
The food of champions
We were in good spirits until the manager had the nerve to come and ask why we gave such low tips to the waitress.  Discussion then changed to how we will boycott Chilis for now on.

From there, we started to drive around, scareing the locals.  We stopped, for no appearant reason, behind a Bread & Circus, then hit the public roads, headed into Rhode Island for some high-speed-backwoods-country-driving with Sheriff Andy and Roscoe P Coltrane hot on our tails.  Word is Barney Fife was lurking about as well.  A few stops later, and we said our goodbyes for the day.  No injuries, but a few sets of rear brakes are less effective than yesterday...  All in all I personally did 114 miles today, and I need to get gas again.  I just got a tank yesterday... Scroll on down for more...
Bricks in the wall...
Lots of black and blue cars today
A $900 Ouch
What you get after you DO smoke...
Dirtiest Car Award: Tom
Stuntman Jim provided a few classic moments this meet.  First, he braved oncoming traffic to make a path for us mortals to merge into traffic.  Then there was the flying hubcap he wants hushed up, but that I have photos and crappy video of on this very page for everyone to see. 
Jim doing The Block
Jim playing with flying saucers
True to his name, he then scaled a water tower to a height of about 1000 feet with no safety line or net in order to take the ultimate arial shot of the group.  Once at the top, he found that he had no camera, so he built a nest and is still up there...
DISCLAIMER: All jokes made about Jim are in good fun.  Yes, VERY good fun... ;-) 
To download, right click the link and select SAVE TARGET TO DISK
My lacklustre spinnage
Tilt your head for this one...sorry
Spy footage of Jim and hubcap
UPDATE: Turns out Stuntman Jim got a $50 gift certificate from Chilis in return for their rude service!!! HA!